Do Not Confuse UX With UI Design: Know The Difference


Do you know UX and UI are not similar things? Many people have eavesdropped about the UX and UI services, despite working in these professions since decades. Devil is in the detail! To become a strong graphic designer, it is important to know the difference between the two. Learning the key differences between the terms User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) is beneficial in settling down for the right job role.

This is what we will discuss here in this article.

Understanding UX (User Experience) Design

For mobile app development company, UX (User Experience) Design is a method of intensifying user satisfaction between the user and the mobile by putting more efforts on its usability and accessibility.

User Experience is concerned with a person’s behavior, attitude, and emotions. It includes practical, meaningful and experimental and additionally include a person’s perceptions of system aspects.

User experience is always found to be dynamic. It is modified due to change in usage circumstances and due to individual changes. It starts with a proper understanding of user base, proceeds to personas for powerful characters within your user base and then setting the requirements of the project.

Job Role of UX Designer

A UX Designers are primarily concerned with the look and feel of the product. It can be well done by conducting in-person user tests to observe one’s behavior, creating personas, determining user stories, developing prototypes and performing testing of the users. A UX designer explores many different approaches to solve a specific user problem.

Understanding UI (User Interface) Design

User Interface means by which a user and a product interact with one another. It is focused on the design of the actual interface elements with which the user interacts to accomplish a goal within an application.

The ultimate objective of the User Interface is the efficient operation and control of the machine at the user’s end and provide feedback from the machine which helps to make operational decision.

It includes both hardware and software components. Its input system allows the users to manipulate a system, and output allows the system to intimate the effect of the manipulation on the users.

The primary goal of human-machine interaction engineering is to provide users an intuitive and user-friendly experience which produces desired results. It provides an excellent way when the operator wants to put minimum effort and expect maximum output.

Different types of UI’s

There are many types of UI’s. But here are only the ones which are related to computers.

Graphical user interfaces which is often referred to as GUI. It accepts input via devices for instance computer keyboard or mouse.

Administrative web interfaces for web servers which are mostly called as servers.

Web-based user interfaces abbreviated as WUI accept input and gives results web pages as output. Newer implementations utilize Java, JavaScrip, Microsoft.NET, etc

Touchscreens accepts input by the touch of fingers or a stylus.

UI design feels more like a craft. It is so because it makes something beautiful and substantial with knowledge, skills, and creativity. Fireworks, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Photoshop, etc. are some important tools used by UI designers.

Job Role Of UI Designer

The role of a UI designer is basically related to the graphic front-end design. The main attention of UI designer is to work on the overall feel of the product.

A UI designer is primarily involved in creating smooth interaction by the end users with the product. Apart from this, UI designer is also charged with ensuring that the UI, which is created, is entirely acceptable in visually communicating the path.

UI prototyping, Researching of design, branding and development of graphics, documentation, and user guides are the key areas where UI designer works.

Whether it’s about maintaining consistency in different visual elements or production of a cohesive style guide, a UI designer takes care of everything.

Let’s Not Forget About The Similarities Between UX And UI


Segregating the two concepts is difficult. UI is usually a part of UX, but a UX can exist even without a UI. Here are few similarities between the two:

Both can be applied to almost any type of product category.

Both solve the problem statement related to the “design” aspect of the product.

Both are targeting the comfort of the users.

Bringing It All Together: Which One Is More Important?

UI is a subset of UX. Everyone wants to design the best and wants to share the most delightful experience to its users. Talking about these two fields in isolation is a great hurdle for the designers. When a designer designs anything on the web, his focus is on both user experience and user interface. If both are focused collectively, it may result in measurable outcomes, in the form of increased sales. That’s real value.

I hope it is now clear that both UX and UI are crucial for the success of a product.

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